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Gas Patio Heaters

Electric Patio Heaters

If you’re looking for a gas patio heater you won’t find a bigger or better range than ours anywhere - we’ve tracked down the best prices from the top stores.

A gas garden heater or electric heater is perfect for keeping warm when dining or relaxing in your patio area - they’ve never been more popular.

Finding a patio heater to suit your budget can be a real challenge so we bring you the best prices around from leading garden and outdoor appliance stores.

Prices start at under £50 for a cheap wall-mounted or freestanding electric patio heater and rise to more than £300 for a top quality outdoor gas device.

We also feature an impressive range of gas patio heater covers, fire pits and baskets, parasol heaters and chimineas.

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A patio heater is perfect for the garden on a cool summer evening

Patio heaters have taken off in a big way in recent years as more and more families choose to dine and entertain outdoors in the spring, summer and autumn months.

There are main types of patio heater - the gas heater which is powered by an attached gas cylinder and the electric patio heater which is powered by a mains supply. Both offer the perfection for keeping warm in your garden or other outdoor area.

Outdoor gas heaters are normally freestanding and can be positioned anywhere in your garden or paved patio area, whereas electric patio heaters can be wall-mounted on a flat surface of your home, garage or other building. Table top electric patio heaters - usually infrared - are also a very popular choice.

The beauty of a gas heater for your patio is that it enables you to sit outside on your patio or in the beer garden at your local pub when the heat of the day subsides and the evening feels cooler - turning on a gas or electric patio heater means you can enjoy the outdoor surrounding for an additional period of time without having to put on your woollies or a jacket.

Barbecues and picnics are more popular than ever and families just love to sit outside in the summer and autumn months with friends and relatives - the addition of a gas patio heater to the household means you can spend even longer enjoying yourself outdoors. A gas patio heater gives you access to instant heat at the touch of a button.

A patio gas heater is usually mushroom shaped at the top with a long stem extending to a gas cylinder on the ground - this often sits inside a round casing to make it less obtrusive and is fuelled buy propane, butane or natural gas.

A burner at the top of the heater generates radiant heat and normally runs off propane gas. The flames generated are directed against a perforated metal screen and heat is thrown in a circular pattern around the top of the heater - a reflector sits higher up on the device to send back heat that would otherwise be wasted.

Gas heaters are commonplace in gardens around the UK these days and are very popular in pub beer gardens and restaurant patios when diners and drinkers can sit outdoors in the evening - where the temperature starts to drop the gas or electric patio heater can be started up to allow customers to enjoy being outside for a longer period of time.

All patio heaters should conform to safety standards but it’s usually wise to buy the best patio you can afford so you can enjoy the benefits of additional features - for example some have a handy electric starter instead of a pilot light and a useful auto shut-off feature in case the heater falls over.

We bring you an impressive range of 4kw, 13kw and 16kw outdoor gas-powered heaters from many top UK garden, tools and appliance and high street stores including Machine Mart, Tesco Direct, B&Q, Argos, Redsave, Focus DIY, UK Water Features, ElectricShopping and Amazon - we’ve trawled around for the best prices available so you can compare products to find a gas patio heater that best suits your budget. A patio heater allows you to dine outdoors later in the evening in the summer.

We also have an extensive range of outdoor electric patio heaters - a cheap wall-mounted heater can be bought for under £20 but we have many more expensive top quality electric heaters too. The parasol heater has also become a very popular device for providing outdoor heat and we have some great value products here. This type of halogen heater attaches to the upper inside area of your parasol or gazebo and we feature parasol lights too if you just some extra brightness in the evening.

And for anyone who likes to have a real fire to provide a source of heat in their garden we also feature fire pits and fire baskets, chimineas and outdoor fireplaces. The fire pit, fire basket and chiminea have become very popular items in recent years and we have some fantastic products for you to take a look at - these will normally double up as a bbq.

It’s important to keep your heater in tip top condition so you should consider buying a patio heater cover to ensure it is protected from the elements and there’s no risk of rusting from damp or electrical parts becoming damaged. We have a range of patio heater covers in all shapes and sizes.

Safety should be a priority when using a gas patio heater

A patio heater produces a large amount of heat so safety is an important factor to consider to avoid the risk of an accident or fire taking place. There are obvious dangers in using a gas heater when young children are in your garden area.

Combustible materials must be kept well away from a gas or electric heater. You should also ensure a heater is not positioned near to foliage or hanging branches or leaves.

We should never attempt to move a gas heater while it is in operation. The heater should be turned off and left for a while to cool down.  It's also important to ensure your patio heater is positioned on a completely flat and stable surface, and it should be kept out of strong winds to avoid the risk of the flame blowing out or the unit being tipped over.

Take extra care when children are anywhere near a heater - or any type of outdoor heater for that matter, whether it be a parasol heater, fire pit, fire basket, outdoor fireplace or chiminea. Never leave children unattended near a gas patio heater and certainly don't consider letting them operate one.

These heater should only be used outdoors - the heat they give off is extremely intense which is ideal for circulating heat in an open area but could prove very dangerous if used in a confined space and could quickly result in a fire breaking out.

Always check the instructions which come with your heater to ensure it conforms to safety standards. Many of the better gas garden heaters are equipped with an electric starter which eliminates the need for a pilot light, and they will also often have an automatic shut off feature should the device accidentally topple over.

It's also important to get your heater serviced and maintained regularly by a reputable and qualified company.  These heaters will normally come with instructions on how to arrange a service.

If your heater is not operating correctly or you suspect it may have a gas leak, you should get it serviced or repaired as a matter of urgency. It’s much wiser to be safe than sorry where a potentially dangerous device is concerned.

However, if you look after your heater carefully it should serve you well for many years and provide many evenings of comforting heat when dining, entertaining or just relaxing outdoors.

Outoor heaters are all the rage at restaurants and pub beer gardens

Electric and gas heaters have taken off in a big way at many eating and drinking venues including pubs, restaurants and hotels - more and more of them are realising the benefits of adding gas heaters to their outdoor dining areas to allow customers to enjoy a meal and a drink in the evening when the sun goes down and it starts to get a bit chilly outside.

A gas heater also allows patrons to continue with their wining and dining experience with friends or business associates by providing some valuable warmth outdoors when it may otherwise be too cold to remain there.

Many pubs, bars and restaurants have opted for large freestanding heaters which spread their heat for a radius of several yards, while others feature quaint table top patio heaters which keep those sitting at an individual dining table warm during their meal and when enjoying a few beverages afterwards.

Electric patio heaters are the device of choice at some eating and drinking establishments but they are a bit restrictive as they need to be wall mounted so they can be connected to a power supply or they need have an electric cable or an extension lead running out to their location. This is where a gas device has more appeal - it can be positioned in any location with no need for an electricity source and it is easily activated at the push of an ignition button. There’s also something a bit more appealing about natural gas heat, rather than the electric generated heat alternative.

The appeal of a gas outdoor heater for anyone living in the UK is obvious as we don’t have long hot summers enjoyed by many countries around the world - normally when the sun goes down it becomes much cooler and we are forced to retire indoors to continue our socialising with friends in the heat after an enjoyable meal and drinks at a patio or bistro set.

These superb heaters allows you to make the occasion last a bit longer into the chilly evening hours and even allows you to wine and dine outdoors on your home patio, veranda or at a pub or restaurant in spring or autumn when this would not normally be an option due to the temperatures outside. With an outdoor heater you can sit out all year round, even on milder winter days.



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